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From 2nd March, 2013, ACANAP is an independent, non-partisan and not-for-profit indigenous research and training organization with the mission to remove Corruption & Narcotics from our local society as well as in all over Pakistan. ACANAP is a registered Trust entity under the Trust Registration Act 1882, Pakistan (Islamabad) (Registration No. 4018, Volume No.4328, Pages No. 117 to 136) (Federal Board of Revenue – NTN No. 4177141-9) (Trade Mark – IPO No: 358094) PTA Approval Letter No. 1-15/02/Engg/PTA - Dated: 05/11/2013) State Bank Approval For Opening Trust Account No. SUMBPKKA041-76-767-1-3-22-20311-714-107656) working incorporation with Government of Pakistan. Copyright. Anti-Corruption & Anti-Narcotics Association of Pakistan. ACANAP:Now from 1st July  2014,  ACANAP working under special MOU with Ministry of Population Welfare , Govt of Punjab , with Ministry of Trade & Commerce , Govt of Pakistan , With Ministry of Defence Production , Govt of Pakistan & with cooperation of Anti Corruption Establishment, Anti Narcotics Force, Govt. of Pakistan and many other departments of Govt. of Pakistan.

Vision and Mission

  • To maintain liaison with all national or international corruption and narcotics authorities, organizations, bodies, associations and societies and represent Pakistan in such conferences, seminars and workshops arranged by Association on corruption and narcotics related matters.
  • To Arrange and co-ordinate training of own staff and members of other enforcement agencies in various aspects of Anti corruption and Anti narcotics matters;
  • To Respect for the right of the peoples to sovereignty and independence, essential for the establishment of peace in Society.
  • To deduct (collect proof and to conduct investigation against corruptions & narcotics criminals in Society , Govt , Non-Govt Departments, Private institutions , Police and to forward these information to higher authorities of Pakistan to eliminate corruption & Narcotics from our Society.
  • To Negotiations instead of use of force in the settlement of differences between nations.
  • To make the individuals aware of peace education Program and train them to organize the activities of the project in their area.
  • To provide assistance, advice and cooperation to enforcement agencies on all matters in the field of corruption and narcotics and to collect information from all national and international enforcement agencies for guidance to the general Public.
  • To motivate the individuals to play their active roll to promote Anti Corruption and Anti Narcotics Behavior in the society.
  • To highlight the importance of Anti Corruption and Anti Narcotics activities in the society and to encourage the Society to take active part in curriculum activities to boycott these on the larger scale for the awareness and welfare of the Society.
  • To initiate, mobilize and promote better understanding about corruption and Anti Narcotics among the masses of different countries.
  • To initiate cultural exchanges by engaging artists, youths, students for better understanding of different societies and cultures in the effected families and members.
  • To Identifying the root causes of disharmony and mobilizing masses for tolerance by weeding out biases either in the policies, laws or provisions in the constitution.
  • To publish different materials, hold trainings, Seminars, interactive theaters Exchange and art competitions, exhibition on Corruption and Narcotics Issues.
  • To Linking up Anti-Corruption and Anti-Narcotics Activities in the region and Globally.
  • To build strong movements to oppose Corruption and Narcotics.
  • To build strong solidarity movements with people fighting against Corruption and Narcotics.
  • Capacity building of the communities and other relevant organizations for good Governance in the state.
  • Relief and Rehabilitation of the marginalized segments of the Society especially effected from corruption and Narcotics.
  • Establishment of mutually beneficial cooperation and cultural relations based on friendship and mutual respect with agencies, authorities, bodies etc.
  • Respect of the territorial integrity of states.
  • Perform any other related Activities and functions which may be occurred to Prevent the general public.

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324/2 K , Phase 1, DHA Lahore. Tel No. 042-99239674. Toll Free No. 0800-22267 Email -

South Punjab

Anti corruption & Anti Narcotics Association of Pakistan, Complaint Cell South Punjab, Street # 2 Main Road Shadab Colony, Sabza Zar, Shell Pump Bahawalpur Tel - No. 062-9239005